1. Alaina Lynch says

    Excited to be a member!

  2. Hi! My new contact information is 165 N Canal St #829 Chicago IL 60606-1401 312-648-2168 (home) & 773-843-4954 (work). Slainte & Merry Christmas, Mike Clyne

  3. 773-503-7021 is still my cell#.

  4. Mattú Boyle says

    Hi.. just moved to Chicago (Waukegan area) from Belfast and don’t know a soul nevermind an Irish one! I would love to meet up and/or join!

  5. Roy Lancor says

    The wrong Zip Code for Hickory Hills is posted on your web site

    Chicago Irish American Alliance
    ATTN: Member Application
    9231 S. Roberts Road Hickory Hills, IL 60451
    – See more at:

    60451 is New Lennox, IL

    Also the renewal mailer listed the address as 9321 Roberts Road

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