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2015 South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Talk about a great day for the Irish – the weather for the 2015 Parade was by far the best in recent years.

After a brutal February and frigid start to March Sunday, March 15th would have been welcome if the temperature was in the 40’s.

Instead temperatures in the 60’s had people abandoning their Aran sweaters in favor of t-shirts.

The Alliance had a larger float this year and filled it with our seniors, juniors and once again the Murphy Roche Irish Music Club’s talented young musicians while St. Pat and Uncle Sam lead the way down Western Avenue followed by , our flag and banner bearers, the Great Lakes Irish Wolfhounds, Rusty the rare Irish Poodle and members distributing Irish beads to the huge crowd (we ran out of beads long before we ran out of parade watchers).

We hope the crowd enjoyed watching all the Parade participants as much as we enjoyed watching them.

However if you’ve never marched (or rode the float) in the Parade join us for our stroll down Western next year – we think it’s more fun than watching!

Many thanks from the Irish American Alliance to all who contributed to the success of the 2015 South Side Irish Parade:

Tammy Friel for organizing the Float, decorations, beads and riding herd on us, the Lynch Family for their sponsorship and participation, the Murphy Roche Irish Music Club members and their families for everything they add to our marching unit, the Great Lakes Irish Wolfhound Club for bringing their magnificent Wolfhounds who are one of the highlights of the Parade for the spectators (and for us), John (St. Pat) Brogan, George (Uncle Sam) Reig,  of course all our members who marched and rode the float, to the Parade Committee for keeping the tradition alive and finally many thanks for all who came out to watch and cheer us as we went for a walk on Western!

Missed the Parade? Check out the pictures in the Gallery on our web site –

Pre-Parade Party at Cork & Kerry


On a chilly Friday, March 6 at least 75 members, friends and family got together at Cork & Kerry to kick start the St. Patrick’s Day season.

Once again we featured the excellent young musicians from the Murphy Roche Irish Music Club who just keep getting better every time we hear them. This year their group included several local and regional champions and dancers too.

A variety of Barraco’s Pizzas were served with veggie or cheese (for Lent), sausage and deluxe for those not fasting.

And of course Cork & Kerry is known to draw a fine pint among many other liquid refreshment.

Several of us took advantage of the special renewal offer to update our membership.

In all it was an outstanding start to the St. Patrick’s festivities!

Our thanks go to Jerry Doorhy for his efforts in organizing and promoting the Party and to Tammy for all her hard work with the set-up, decorations and snacks.

You can see how much fun we had – pictures are in the Gallery on our web site


2014 Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day & NO Sox Game


It was a fine “soft” afternoon when the White Sox decided that they didn’t want to come out and play.

Tom got the phone call from the ticket office a couple of hours before the bus was to depart and started burning up the phone trying to contact everyone.

Many of us met at the Father Perez KC Hall anyway and then moved the party to “Fitzgerald’s Pub” conveniently located in Tom’s basement for a fun evening of snacks, pizza and “craic” (along with a fine variety of beverages).

So we actually ended up celebrating the Halfway mark in a somewhat more traditional Irish manner!

The only thing missing was the Flat Caps that the White Sox were planning to give out.

Rain Check tickets are available – check with the IAA office for details.




Our Picnic this year was exceptional!

Co-hosted by the Alliance and the Ancient Order of Hibernians the day started at 7:30 AM for Maurice Corcoran and his Hibernian Pig Roasting crew followed shortly after by John Brogan with the Alliance supply truck.

Mass was celebrated by Father Kevin McRae from St. John Fisher accompanied by the beautiful  music of Lexia Kennedy, 10 year old Violin champion from Murphy Roche.

After the Mass the festivities commenced – music, dancing, bingo, beanbags, raffle and the delicious aroma of roasting pork filling the sunny 75 degree air.

The very popular Raffle prizes this year were from “A Touch of Ireland”, 6761 W. 95th Street in Oak Lawn. Manager Annie Cremins was a great help to our “Prize” committee.

As touched on above, the Murphy-Roche Irish Music Club continued their growing tradition of introducing us to their exceptional young performers mentored a few seasoned veterans at our events.

A fine time and a fine feast were enjoyed by all, even our busy volunteers! Special thanks to those who helped to make the 2014 Picnic a great success –Father McRae, The Murphy-Roche Club, Maurice Corcoran and the Pig roasters, John Brogan for pre-picnic efforts (and in charge of burning the hot dogs, burgers and brats), Joe Sabia for manning the Raffle/Prize/Membership table, Tammi for both prep and on-site work, Tom & Katie Lynch for the Beanbag and Bingo.

Most of all though a Very Special THANK YOU to all of our members (both Alliance and Hibernian), family, friends and whose attendance is what puts the “Special” in our special events!


South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2014


As you know, Sunday, March 16th was a little chilly.

One sign on Western read “Kiss me – I’m freezing”.

This didn’t stop our determined group including St. Pat, Uncle Sam, the Great Lakes Irish Wolfhound contingent,  the talented girls of the Murphy-Roche Irish Music Club and our intrepid members from stepping out (briskly) on Western Avenue before an equally brave (if thin) crowd.

The onlookers always respond to St. Pat (even if some think he’s the Pope), they usually recognize Uncle Sam, the music of Murphy-Roche warmed them and they always love the Wolfhounds – the many of the canine onlookers even barked out what sounded like a greeting!

Many thanks to Tammy for all her hard work (hope you’ve recovered). Thanks to George Rieg, The Great Lakers Irish Wolfhound Club, The families of Murphy-Roche, the Lynch family and friends, Jim O’Reilly’s cab service, St. Pat and all

Of you who showed up both on the Float and on the Curb for your support!

Check for pictures on our web site!


Pre-St. Patrick’s Day and Parade Party 2014


On Friday, March 7th the IAA sponsored our annual Pre- St. Patrick’s Day Parade Party at the Cork & Kerry Pub.

The Murphy-Roche Irish Music Club was in fine “Fiddle” as always providing music and dance.

Baracco’s Pizza was served along with snacks.

Cork & Kerry’s excellent staff ensured that no one suffered from excessive thirst.

We had a great turnout – from children to seniors – there was something for everyone!

We thank all who attended to make this such a special evening.

Extra thanks to Tammy for the organizing and set-up, Tom Gavin for the publicity, Murphy-Roche for the outstanding young performers and Tom Lynch for his sponsorship!

Hope to see you all at the South Side Irish Parade on Sunday, March 16th – join us on the Float or march down Western with St. Pat!


Uisge Baugh 2014      (Our Irish Whiskey Tasting Event)


On Friday, February 7 about 40 adventurous people –including women, men, Irish, Lithuanian, Italian, German and Native Americans (among others), familiar faces and first timers – all brought together by their curiosity about Irish Whiskey met at TR’S Pub on 111th Street to get the answers to their questions (and to warm the cockles of their hearts).

Martin Duffy (Whiskey Ambassador for Diageo Brands) satisfied both our thirst for knowledge and our thirst for a” drop of the pure” with his excellent presentation. The brands tasted were all limited edition 12 year olds – Connemara, Tullamore Dew, Jamesons and Old Bushmills. Each is unique in their ingredients and distilling process and as a result each has its own distinctive taste.

And now we who were there know why!

The Whiskey Identification Challenge after wards ended in a tie between honorary Irishmen for the night Vitas Paskauskas and Bill Klein.

Admission included door prizes, pizza and snacks and a coupon for your first drink from the bar.

The door prizes included a special 12 year old bottle of Tullamore Dew (and the Dew was the most popular of the brands sampled at the event).

The event was very popular and received much positive feedback for the Alliance from all who attended. If you couldn’t make it this time we’ll be doing it again – watch for it next year and don’t miss it!

Thanks to all of you who attended this and made this such a great event – we hope to see you at Cork & Kerry in a few weeks!

(Both events are known cures for cabin fever!)

Many thanks to Tammy for all her work in putting it together, to Tom for all his support, Jesse for helping on site and most of all to Martin Duffy for braving the polar vortex to share his evening and his expertise with us!


Picnic 2013


Sunday, August was warm and sunny – a perfect day to go to a Picnic and Pig Roast.

Father Jim Donovan from St. Barnabas celebrated the Mass, Mario’s Catering roasted the pig, Murphy-Roche played the music, Ann Bourke’s Trinity Knot Gift Shop provided the Raffle prizes  – All the rest of us had to do was enjoy ourselves!

(And we certainly did – Except maybe those who lost in the egg toss.)

Special thanks to all those behind the scenes whose work makes the fun possible:

Tammy, Jim O’Reilly, Joe Sabia, Jesse, John Brogan for their efforts and to Tom Lynch for his support and sponsorship.


Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day White Sox Game


This year’s Game was on Saturday and we shared a luxury Motor Coach to the game with the Father Perez Knights of Columbus. The KC hosted happy hours both before and after the game with hot dogs, chips and drinks at their hall.

The White Sox did give us the Green Hats and a great Post Game Fireworks show

(Unfortunately, there were no fireworks during the game).

Special Thanks to the KC and Larry Lynch for their hospitality and to Tammy and Tom for organizing the event.


2013 Convention & Election

On Friday, June 14, 2013 The Alliance gathered at TR’s Pub on 111th Street to enjoy free pizza, snacks and drinks, sing along with our Joe, Mike, Ginger, Jesse, Jim and all our other Karaoke Stars. Oh yeah – there was also our convention and election to be conducted that night!

When things began to settle down we held our Bi-annual election. The unanimous results are:


President                     Mike Doorhy              

Vice President             John Brogan

Treasurer                     Alice Gill                    

Secretary                     Tom Lynch

Sergeant-at-Arms        Jim O’Reilly               

Publicity Chair            Jerry Doorhy

Membership Chair       Mike Doorhy


Ann Bourke

John F. Brogan

Jack Davoren

Pat Dolan

Mike Kearney

Jack Kelly

Bernadette Kohler

Jim O’Reilly

Honorary Trustees

Rich Barrett                Don Cranley                Dan Gallagher

Mike Howley              Mike McGinnis           Tony Philbin

Tom Walsh

After the business of the evening was successfully concluded the celebration was under way!

There was more free pizza, snacks and drinks (including beer) and as the evening went on the singing sounded even better with each round.

Seriously, the Officers and Trustees of the Irish American Alliance thank you all for your continuing support and confidence.

Thanks to Tammy, Joe, Jesse and Tom for all the work they put in to make the night a success.


South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2013

When we awoke on Sunday, March 10th it was to a steady drizzle.

But it did NOT rain on our Parade!

The Parade steeped off promptly at Noon.

Soon after that the Irish America Alliance banner led many of our members, the Great Lakes Irish Wolfhounds, St. Pat (at least our version), Uncle Sam, Rusty the honorary Wolfhound (in his first of what we hope will be many Parades) and a float full of smiling faces down Western Avenue.

A couple of Leprechauns even showed up!

The crowd was large and enthusiastic and there were a lot of familiar faces seen. (Maybe next year you’ll consider joining the Parade with us.)

The Wolfhounds were as popular as ever with the younger Parade watchers.

Since there was no Pope on the day of the Parade many viewers mistook our St. Pat for the new Pontiff!

However, there was no mistaking that despite the “softness” of the morning the afternoon proved to be another “Great Day for the Irish” on Western Avenue!

As always it takes a major effort to stage what seems like a simple stroll on a Sunday afternoon.

The IAA owes our thanks to Tammy for doing so much, The Great Lakes Irish Wolfhound Club for braving the storm, Tom Lynch for his support, St. Pat (John Brogan), Uncle Sam (George Reig) and our faithful members who ignored the weatherman.

We also want to thank the South Side Irish Parade Committee and recognize that they work hard all year long so that we can have our afternoon in the sun (no matter what the weather).

Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Party 2013

On Friday March 8 more than 60 Irish American Alliance members gathered along with family and friends both old and new at the Cork & Kerry Pub on Western Avenue.

We came to have a good time but instead we had a GREAT time!

We raised a glass or two (or more) had some Barraco’s Pizza and had our great time while really enjoying the excellent music of the Murphy-Roche Irish Music Club.

The Murphy-Roche Club sent us a dozen of best young musicians that you’ve ever heard and they were in fine “fiddle” on this night.

Many of our members took advantage of the special membership rate offered at the Party and we gained several new members.

We send out our many thanks to Jerry Doorhy for all his hard work in organizing the party and to Tammy for her much needed help and to the Murphy-Roche girls and their families!

But most of all we want to thank our members (both long time and new), their families and our friends for being there.

It was great to see all of you!


Congratulations to our friends, The Murphy-Roche Irish Music Club on winning the 2012 All Ireland Groupa Cheoil Championship in Cavan.

They are the First American Music Club to win the award!


 November 3 Derby Day

The Irish American Alliance Day at the Races (also known to some as Breeder’s Cup Day) was held Saturday, November 4th at Hawthorne Race track.

The day was highlighted by the delicious buffet plus the beautiful raffle prizes selected by Ann Bourke – especially the lovely selection of scarves.

It is rumored that a some of us actually won a few  bucks on the ponies.

We were happy to see large family groups come out this year – it really is fun for the whole family!

The “Ladies” Hat Contest Prize was awarded to young Luke Gomez for his colorful helmet. You can see Luke and his Dad Ricky accepting the Prize from Tom Lynch in the Derby Day 2012 Gallery.

Our thanks to Ann Bourke, Tammy and Jesse for doing all the work so the rest of us could concentrate on enjoying ourselves and contributing to the support of the Horse Racing Industry.

Be sure to check out the photos of Derby Day 2012 in our Gallery and better luck next year!

September 29 7th Annual golf Outing


Picture 1 of 35

 This time the weather smiled on us for a change. It was a beautiful fall day for the Golf Outing at the George W. Dunn National Golf Course.

The wonderful fall colors and the challenging course made this a most memorable round of golf for our twenty or so foursomes.

Prizes were awarded for the top individuals and foursomes.

Founding member Mike Doorhy won the closest to the pin prize.

Dinner and drinks after golfing topped off a great day for all!

Hole Sponsors for The Golf Outing were:

Connor & Gallagher Insurance

Cranley Awards

Curley Funeral Home

Jerry Doorhy – Connor & Gallagher

First Merit Bank

Irish Castle paving

Keefe, Campbell Biery & Associates

Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch

Manning & Silverman


Oakley Steel Products

Odelson & Sterk

Ungaretti & Harris

More information about our Hole Sponsors will be coming on our web site.

Thanks Jerry Doohry for putting together another great day on the links!

Pictures are on our web site (


September 7 Halfway to St. Patrick’s White Sox Game


Picture 1 of 15

As we met at John Brogan’s house to board the bus it looked like it might be another “soft” evening but the rain held off (unfortunately so the White Sox’ bats). We arrived in plenty of time to get our green caps for the Irish American Alliance to lead the on field parade thanks to the efforts of John Brogan (the cousin).

The fireworks after the game were spectacular – during the game not so much.

Thanks to the help of Tom Lynch and Tammy we sold out all tickets for the event. Thanks to John for the use of the facilities especially after the bus ride home.

Pictures can be viewed on our web site (


August 26th Annual Picnic

August 26th dawned as a “fine soft day” and the softness continued all day.

Our spirits were not dampened as Father Frawley said the Mass while the pig roasted in the background and the band played on.

In spite of the drizzle attendance was good, the roast pork and the craic were excellent. Katie Lynch and the Bingo players were undaunted as were our ceili dancers. We even came up with a new event we’re calling “knock the football out of the tree”.

As the sun set we divvied up the leftovers and all agreed to do it again in 2013.

Special thanks to Tammy Morelli, Alice Gill, Jim O’Reilly, John Brogan, Joe

Sabia, Ann Bourke, the Lynch clan and all who came out to support us!

Visit our web site ( to view pictures of the Picnic.




 Whiskey Tasting

These two fun February events started 2012 off right for the Club!

A very interesting and informative presentation by Whiskey Ambassador Martin Duffy on the art and science of enjoying whiskey was hosted by the Alliance at Kasper’s Country Store. Samples of 12 year old Tullamore, Jameson, Bushmills, Connemara and Red Breast were savored by our crowd. Remember – If the distiller takes 12 years to perfect the product the least you should do is to sniff, sip and enjoy their work!

Pre St. Patrick’s Party

This was followed a couple of weeks later by Jerry Doorhy’s now annual pre-St. Patrick’s party at the Cork & Kerry where we could show off our new knowledge while enjoying the craic and the music– excellent scheduling!

 Thanks to Tammy and Jerry for organizing the fun!


Return of the South Side Parade

 The South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade came back in a big way on Sunday March 11th and we were there!

With our special guests the Great Lakes Irish wolfhounds, three lovely young lady fiddlers from the Murphy-Roche Irish Music Club, our signature St. Pat and Uncle Sam and a float full of smiling alliance members we were warmly greeted by the March heat wave and even more warmly greeted by the estimated 150,000 parade supporters.

Congratulations to the Parade Committee for their outstanding efforts in bringing back “OUR DAY”.

Whether you marched or watched –

Thanks to all of you who contributed to the return of this great institution!


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