IAA President John Brogan – Rest in Peace

March 26th 2020. The IAA has been notified of the death of John F. Brogan a founding member of the IAA, whose membership spans more than thirty years. John was currently serving as the President of our organization. John was an intelligent, even tempered, likable, and hardworking individual, who contributed to our organization in a multitude of ways throughout the organization’s existence.

At the time of his death, John was serving as the President of this club. Many Chicagoan’s, particularly people from the south-side, would remember John as a popular face of Saint Patrick, a role he played, for thirty years, leading The IAA marchers down the street.

John served in a multitude of capacities for this club over the years, including secretary, treasurer, and others. John was active in maintaining the books and accounts and in obtaining permits, insurance policies, and doing the other types of day to day work, which is required to keep a social club functioning.

John was very well liked by everyone in the IAA. John was also active in other social organizations, The American Legion, and others. John loved participating in trivia nights through various organizations, on teams with his friends.

John was an old-fashioned individual. He was a later arrival to cell phones and the internet. His employment involved training individuals on how to operate manufacturing equipment, equipment that was actually produced in the United States. His employment involved frequent trips to China, and other locales throughout the world.

John is survived directly by his brother Kevin Brogan, and by nieces and nephews and a multitude of cousins. John will be missed by the entire membership of the IAA. The entire membership of the IAA offers its prayers and condolences to Johns family and close associates at this time.

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